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Lemon Tree Naturist Phuket


We are the Family of naturist in Phuket and it’s our concept. Our resort might not be the perfect one but our resort was built by happiness. We still keep remain with quality and the best of service on top to providing our guests for the memorable experiences like you are the part of our family.

This resort was built with love and warmth. Therefor our design is also surrounding by earth tone and easy going character. Beneath with greenery atmosphere and escape from chaos disturbance from outside. Cause we do believe that the real natural is the worth for your physical and mind.

Distinctive point of our resort is privacy and healthy full body naked sunbath service. You can relieve your exhaustion with warmly sunlight. Freely naked rest and relax with your beloved family. We also providing sauna service to all of our guests and delight to welcome all of you who do believe in the same concept with us, even homosexuality are also pleased.

We’ve got an inspiration to design and built Lemon Tree Naturist from Norwegian Viking combined with Country Thai house. We are a small resort which intimate by nature so all of our guests can fully naked in all resort area. Touched by nature and relax in greenery atmosphere. We choose to service all of our guests with closed service for security and privacy. We hope to welcome everyone soon in our small naturist resort down here in Phuket.


Our resort is located a bit far from Ni Harn beach but no need to be worry about transportation. We have shuttle service ready to provide on your reservation time. We are also near to seafood fresh market, you simply have to try the outstanding selection of fresh seafood on display at the Rawai market. This market is where you can choose your own fresh seafood and then at the restaurant opposite the market, ask the chef to prepare the fish just the way you like it. You are going to love it here. And the food is simply Yummy! .We’re recommend, Lemon Tree Niharn is a peaceful resort that located with nature surrounding by. Cause we know that our guests need privacy and different. Not a far from famous spots in Phuket. You can reach to Nai Harn beach in 8 minutes from the resort.

– Karon View Point: only 8 minutes from the resort.
– Kata & Karon Beach: only 15 minutes from the resort.
– Rawai Beach Sub Yanui Beach and Fish Market: only 15 minutes from the resort.
– Laem Promthep Cape: only 20 minutes from the resort.
– Big Buddha: only 25 minutes from the resort.
– Wat Chalong: only 25 minutes from the resort.
We quite sure that during your stays with us you can visit the famous place in town not less than 8 places.

Stay For Good

Lemon Tree Naturist Resort aim to provide all our guests with the right amenities for a true naturist friendly environment at its very best. We believe that by getting in touch with nature without clothes, will allow our guests, not only to feel totally free, it will also be great for one’s health and wellness. More importantly, being able to build a strong social relationship among our guests around the pool, garden area or at our in-house cafe, will be an inspiration to all who wish to join in conversation.

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